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305PD ZK 3 28S Czech summer

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Kateřina FRIČOVÁ

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim is to develop the acquired theory knowledge in management to the specific need sof producers - future managers. They become aware of the similarities and differences in working with both in individual media, in different positions / independent producer vs. leader in media, etc./

Mode of study

Lecture, group discussion, group conclusion formation, guest professional presentation.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Linked to the previous bachelor's study /production, management, law/

Course contents

Instruction orginates in the fact that students already have a basic knowledge of management, and is oriented in concepts and basic methods. This knowledge is linked to the needs of the producer and developed further.

Definition of the concept „producer“, differing concepts

Authority, competence and responsibility.

Differences and similarities between the public and private TV, dependent and „independent“ and independent producers.

How to select a project, measure of application of dictatorship in a crew where the artistic freedom begins and ends.

Knowledge of a good producer from other professions.

How to acquire knowledge in the needs of the market, audience, client. Needs, ideas, illusions and disillusions.

Commercial pressure, limits of taste, measure of compromise - if, when, what for, why.

The difference between the producers responsibility in the private and „public-sector“. What for and why.

Knowledge of the technology, its selection.

Basic principles in creating a program schematic. Difference in the approaches of private and public TV service. Target groups.

How to lower cost without negatively influencing the quality.

Sponsors, product placement. Potential within the law. Legal infringements - in good faith.

How to present a project, secure funding

The goal is one, the paths many.

Presentation stragies. Differences among receivers - grant commissions, Czech Television, TV Nova, Rich patrons. Marketing directors of large companies...

The psychology of presentations. Most frequent mistakes. How to eleminate them.

How to counter objections. How to argue against mad or illegual sponsor ideas.

The sponsor as co-producer.

Analysis of student presentations. Acquisition of new skills.

Some lectures will be visited by interesting guest with significant experience. The student also may take part in selecting guests while explaining why they wish to invite those guests.

Each lecture is made up of an introduction to the issues, subsequent discussions - student opinions, questions, then group formulation of conclusions.

Kateřina Fričova


Recommended or required reading

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on:

Activity in instruction 30%

Written test 50%

Oral test 20%



Further information

This course is an elective for all AMU students

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Schedule for summer semester 2018/2019:

room 334
Room No. 334

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Wed 09:50–13:05 Kateřina FRIČOVÁ Room No. 334
Lažanský palác
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