Distributing Audiovisual Work 1

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305SAT1 Z 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The lecture aim is to provide students a basic bearing in the study and its contexts.

  1. Definition of the subject, its division in the context of the film and commercial industries.
  2. List of basic external and internal relationships and system surroundings.
  3. Basic overview of the history of the study in relation to the history of film.
  4. The contemporary Czech and world film market.

Mode of study

Presentation of instructor experience, moderated and unmoderated discussions, study of fundamental materials.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

To complete the course one's experience in cinema visits. Experience with various types of cinemas (multicinemas, regular cinemas, art cinema houses, film reviews).

Course contents

Survey of the foundations of the study, its basic divisions, development and current status.

  1. Introduction to the course
  2. Film distribution systems (FD)
  3. Position and importance of Cinemas
  4. Television distribution AVT
  5. Portable image media recording
  6. Alternative AV1 types of distribution
  7. Alternative AV2 types of distribution
  8. Illegal distribution of AV
  9. Historical development
  10. Historical development in the Czech lands
  11. World Film Market 1 - dependent
  12. World Film Market 2 - independent
  13. The Czech film market.

Recommended or required reading

Václav Březina - Lexikon českého filmu

Luboš Bartošek - Náš film - Kapitoly z dějin 1896 -1945

James Monaco - Jak číst film

Tereza Dvořáková - Alternativní kinodistribuce umělecky hodnotných filmů v ČR - diplomová práce

Filmový přehled



Assessment methods and criteria

The semester is concluded with the credit paper in the length of 2-3 typed pages in which the student is to demonstrate independent thinking skills on a topic selected from three ranges: Distribution strategies of the presented selected films; position and activity of selected cinemas or group of cinemas; and prospects and risks in the development of a digital distribution of AVZ using one particular example.

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