Television Seminar and Television Formats Trends 1

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305TST1 ZK 3 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aim is to provide students an overview of the fundamental aspects of the television industry from the producer perspective and the TV format licencing market.

Student acquire an idea of the considerations for a television station in the assembly of a program and how this blends into production considerations, viewing principles, judging the success of a television station and TV program. Also, specific legal knowledge in TV format marketing (particularly option and licencing contracts for a TV format), This is supplemented with general information on the function of the international market of audiovisual pieces and their financing. Part of course is devoted to individual TV genres with emphasis on foreign references and examples. Discussed are specific possible adaptations of given formats. The course is to motivate students in production considerations of TV, either from the view of the producer - creator of a format or a producer who decides on the adaptation of an existing format. In the practical, the students have the task to create, assemble and present an idea of their own format viable for a selected TV station, broadcast slot, target group.

Mode of study

Discussions over assigned professional readings, moderated discussions on topics given by the instructor, discussion with course guests. Presentation of instructor experience. Creativity linked to lectures.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A general bearing of the contemporary television environment in the Czech Republic and knowledge from previous study is advantageous. An appropriate basic knowledge of English - study texts are often in that language. No knowledge requirements for this course.

Course contents

Presentation of the basic function principles of the television market, television programming, evalulation of program success, international commercial financing of AVD and other aspects of film and television enterprise from the producers perspective. Presentation of current trends in creating, programs and genres. Introduction to procedures in the development of new audio-visual products. Particulars of adapting foreign formats, explanation of the reasons for those procedures, including legal aspects.

Recommended or required reading

Excerpts from Budgets and Markets a Filmmaking Handbook ( Media Business School, anglicky)

Other texts assigned by the lecturer

Kniha Budoucnost svobody ( Fareed Zakaria).

Internet resources ( Ex: Television Business International atd.).

Press samples are presented in lectures and AV material in discussions.

Assessment methods and criteria

Facts test of lecture material knowledge. Lecture attendance. Completion of an essay on an assigned text. Creative group work (project presentation).

Further information

This course is an elective for all AMU students

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room 329
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Tue 16:30–18:05 Ivo MATHÉ Room No. 329
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