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305VFM Z 2 36S English, Czech winter

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Thanks to the possibility of direct contact with professionals from Los Angeles/New York and London, students will receive important information from the Anglo-American media industry. Thoroughly selected guests/professionals are active in following areas: film, television, gaming industry, festivals, film awards etc. The class offers a good comparison of Anglo-American and European film production. Professionals give their interesting insight into creative and producers' approach.

Mode of study

Class, guests via video conference call, discussion

Prerequisites and co-requisites

English speaking students only

Course contents

The series of classes will introduce the current American film industry with a wider focus on Los Angeles and New York areas to students. Our guests represent in detail the work of an independent producer, a film agent, a director, a PR agent in the field of the Oscar Awards, a game developer, a film studio executive or a TV company executive etc.

Guests invited to the class are active in the film/television industry and they are ready to share experiences and news in the field of their particular profession. The master class is offered in a real time via a video conference call.

Each student prepares a minimum of five questions per guest, which will be shared with lecturers and guests a week prior to the class via a shared Google document. It is necessary to send these questions in advance (and on time) because guests need time to prepare for the upcoming class.

Attendance at all classes is obligatory.

Recommended or required reading

Stay up to date on,,,, etc.

Assessment methods and criteria

Mandatory attendance at all lectures

On-time preparations of the required number of questions for individual classes

General preparations for class - monitoring current information about guests - articles, video, films of individual filmmakers, etc, and the application of that knowledge in class.

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