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306MAAS Z 1 English, Czech summer

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Advanced Workflow Seminar

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Mr. Kovacevic and Dimitris and I agreed everything about the module. The first part of the module will take place on Friday 10-12h in the FAMU studio, where Mr. Kovacevic will explain how to do DCP correctly, discuss Elements and possibly solve some problems we had at Elements when submitting films, ask him about specific things about mastering. The first part would be most suitable for freshmen, it could help them submit films at the end of the semester. The sophomores will all come there, and certainly someone with the third graders. CZ ONLY.

The second part will take place with Dimitris on Saturday from 10 am to 5 pm. We will deal with import / linking, relinking, material organization, data management, aaf exports, etc .... On the second part, I also invited students from famo international and I think we will definitely be 10-15. I let the freshmen know that Dimitris would not explain the basics, but that we would rather discuss specific things and problems, but that of course they could also participate. I'm still compiling a list of questions for Dimitris - the open Google document is here:

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Kontakt/contact: Idni Beganović <>

Schedule for winter semester 2021/2022:

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25.02.2022 10:00–12:00 Tomáš DORUŠKA
lecture parallel1
26.02.2022 10:00–17:00 Tomáš DORUŠKA Room No. 311
Lažanský palác
lecture parallel1

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