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306MCBK Z 1 1D Czech summer

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Through the module students are introduced to an example of an international program which covers seven European countries and with which work hundreds of instructors and dramaturgists.

The CINED instruction method and freely available instruction materials and film catalog may be used as inspiration for one's instruction activities.

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Screenings, Introduction lecture, presentation of the CINED project.

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The international film education program CINED unites European countries across continents and create a selected catalog of films which are provided with comprehensive methodological materials. The aim of the project, whose idea architects were colleagues from the Frence cinemateka, is to educate cultivated film viewer who are able to perceive and decode film language about the level of passive audiences. Therefore the project is aimed at children and youth, presenting rather „challenging films.“ CINED dramaturgists don't underestimate the child audiences.

The module is comprised of a screening of the Spanish film L.G.Berlangy Kat (1963) which ushered in the so called New Spanish Film. The film will be screened from a 35mm copy. The screening is supplemented by a introductory lecture and brief presentation of the CINED project.

The module program is intended for all students who are interested in issues in film education and alternative distribution. The CINED instruction method, instructional materials and film catalog can be use for inspiration for one's instructional or lecture activities. The film catalog (upon fulfilling some conditions) is freely available, and maybe used by schools, cinema dramaturgists, cultural centers and festivals.

Date, time and place: 3.5.2019 / 9:30 - 12:00 / FAMU screening room.

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Credit is awarded for screening attendance.


This is a faculty elective course offering.

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