Juan Mora Catlett

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306MJMC Z 1 English, Czech winter

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The module consists of reading the text and analyzing the film samples.

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seminar, active participation

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An analysis of the film narrative dramaturgy from the perspective of the Greek myth, transformed into the Mexican pre-Columbian myth. The module consists of reading the text and analyzing the film samples on Tuesday 3.12. 18h-22h and screening of the film Return to Aztlan (directed by Juan Mora Catlett, 1990, Mexico) in the small screening hall of the Světozor cinema on Wednesday 4.12. from 20:45.

Juan Mora Catlet is a director, a screenwriter and an editor. He graduated from FAMU, Department of Editing between 1968 and 1974. His film work is bold, with political and experimental undertones. He focuses mainly on Aztec mythology, his most famous work is Return to Aztlan (Retorno a Aztlán). Since 1975, he has been teaching at two major film schools in Mexico, CCC and CUEC, where he has become one of the key figures in shaping important filmmakers for the new Mexican film such as Alfonso Cuarón, Rodrigo Prieto and Emmanuel Lubezky.

Garant předmětu: MgA.Tomáš Doruška

Lecturer: Juan Mora Catlett

Assistant: Rolando Garduňo: ciudadesnuda@gmail.com

Date and time:

Úterý / Tuesday 03/12/2019

18:00-22:00 – projekce FAMU/projection FAMU + KSS 311 (in English)

Středa / Wednesday 04/12/2019

20:45 – projekce/projection Retorno a Aztlán (Cinema Světozor - malý sál/small room) + diskuze/discussion (in English)/ vstup zdarma/free admission

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100% attendance - both terms



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This course is an elective for all students of this school

Schedule for winter semester 2019/2020:

Date Day Time Tutor Location Notes No. of paralel
03.12.2019 18:00–22:00 Tomáš DORUŠKA Projection Room
Lažanský palác
pouze pro studenty Střihu, Montage, Režie, Zvuku a Dokumentu/open only for students of Editing dpt., Montage, Directing, Sound and Documentary lecture parallel1
04.12.2019 20:45–23:30 Tomáš DORUŠKA
Cinema Světozor/small room lecture parallel1

Schedule for summer semester 2019/2020:

The schedule has not yet been prepared

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