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306MSUR Z 1 6S English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

By the end of the course the student will be able to:

– explain the most powerful forms of the Surrealism;

– explain the historical context of surrealism in Europe;

– specify the works of different surrealistic artists;

– possibly inspire the student to begin to use their imagination in a creative way for their own work;

Identification of 12 documentary projects of various generic and stylistic properties, in different stages of completion, with active participation in the editing of their visual presentations. Effective networking with directors and producers from Central and Eastern Europe.

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Prerequisites and co-requisites

Students should be familiar with at least half of the following names listed: Marquis de Sade, Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Antonin Artaud, Max Ernst, Toyen, Man , Ray, Comte de Lautreamont, Andre Breton, Salvator Dali, Jan Svankmajer, and Luis Bunuel.

Course contents

We want to explore the sub-consciousness as a resource for filmmaking. We will try to understand the techniques of psych-automatistic creativity; to understand the principles of surrealistic interpretation games. At the same time we will get a feeling for the historical context of surrealism; find out why it appeared and what why it is still an active artistic movement from between the two world wars till today. We will also distinguish between pre- and post-surrealism, and focus on authors and artists who never considered themselves surrealists but used similar techniques (such as Henry Darger/Art Brut, David Lynch, etc.)

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Assessment methods and criteria

Grades will be made according to class participation, mental activity, and a final project.



Schedule for winter semester 2021/2022:

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12.11.2021 10:00–16:00 Pavel MAREK Room No. 5
Lažanský palác
ONLY for KSS + MONTAGE lecture parallel1

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