Narrative Film Editing Practice 2

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306SNF2 Z 4 36S Czech summer

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The aim is to present editing as a creative process, forming the final form of a film. Aside from the necessary knowledge of the technology for its execution, editing is an important creating element requiring a specific manner of thinking about film. It is an inseparable complex part of the directing process. Therefore, editing cannot be viewed as an autonomous discipline, then it would only emphasize its technical aspects in the use of expression tools and techniques in joining individual shots into aesthetic dimensions. Editing is a form of communication taking place through a particular „concept“, „signature“, „edting style“ and a combination of skills.

Mode of study

This course is a workshop in which the students edit serveral various scenes from raw material of a selected feature film. This covers basic trade knowledge as well as editing aesthetic principles. The program is supplemented by a summaries in lectures and debates. This subject of investigation is the editing of the narrative of a feature film and its particulars.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A basic knowledge of editing theory is required.

Course contents

A presentation of Editing, an inseparable part of the complex directing process, as an important creative element requiring a specific manner of thinking about film. Editing several scenes from „rough“ material of a feature film, accompanied by debates and lectures, arriving at the fundamental trade and aesthetic principles of editing.

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