Chemistry 1 - general and anorganic

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307CHI ZK 5 4T Czech summer

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This course focuses on acquiring a basic knowledge of general and inorganic chemistry so the student may be, without problems, have a bearing in the issues of inorganic chemistry, understand photo degradation processes, their foundations are inorganic processes, always with a consideration of restoration, conservation and storage of photographic materials.

Mode of study

Students will no in this course perform individual work, their understanding of degradation processes will be monitored arising form the chemical bases of photographic material and an estimation of the possible risk connected with inappropriate storage/manipulation/examination of those materials.

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Course contents

Course content is basic chemistry concepts and laws, chemical calculations, atomic structure, types of chemical bonds, complex compounds, types of chemical reactions, Mendelejev's table of elements, nomenclature of inorganic compounds and chemical characteristics of the main and adjunct groups.

Recommended or required reading

Earnshaw, A., Greenwood, N. N. Chemie prvků I. Informatorium, 1993.

Earnshaw, A., Greenwood, N. N. Chemie prvků II. Informatorium, 1993.

Gartner, H. Kompendium chemie, Praha : Knižní klub, 2007.

Gažo, J. a kol., Všeobecná anorganická chémia. Bratislava : Alfa, 1974.

Vacík, J. Přehled středoškolské chemie. Praha : SPN, 1999.

Votoček, E. Chemie anorganická. Praha : Česká chemická společnost pro vědu a průmysl, 1945.

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