A Photo on a fish

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307DFR ZK 3 2DO English, Czech summer

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By attending this course, students should be able to make photography and other art resources ‘real friends’ plus work with objects when creating their works of art.

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The workshop is open to both students who are already working with photography in combination with objects to further develop their ideas, as well as for students who have not been exposed to such experience and want to try something new. I recommend this workshop to those students who are not afraid to work with various materials and handicrafts and are not afraid to discover and explore new ways in their art even at a cost of potential failure.

Course contents

In this workshop we will focus on how we can extend photography by space and material. Though even a sheet of paper with a printed or developed photograph is an object by itself though mainly serving the image. We want to try to link photography and material enough to shift, expand, enrich or uncertain the meaning of the picture. The ultimate option is that the photograph will only be a starting point for making an object or that the material part of the piece overgrows the image.

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Assessment methods and criteria

Students will have the task of creating a completely new project, or a project that covers a theme which they have been interested in for a longer time. The outcome should be an object accompanied by a clear idea of its installation in space. We will consult these projects throughout the whole semester while working on several small tasks. Both, the participation in class, fulfilment of the smaller tasks and work on the personal projects will be evaluated.


lecturer: Johana Pošová

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