A New View of Matter: Art of Reinterpretation and Cooperation

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307DNWM ZK 3 20DS English winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Reflection of self art practise and work of classmates, improvement of communication and cooperation skills and ability to work in the specific interface of fine arts and graphic design,

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Prerequisites and co-requisites

Basic knowledge of of Adobe graphic programs

Course contents

This workshop focuses on the means of how we can reflect our art practice through the reinterpretation and collaboration. The main aims are to cooperate, discuss, understand the work of others, empathize with their thinking, approaches, motivations, and try to reinterpret their work in the series of 3 author posters. Another important purpose of the module is to combine methods of fine arts, photography and graphic design.

Recommended or required reading

Bourriaud, Nicolas: Postproduction. New York: Lukas & Sternberg, 2002


Bosák, Petr, Jansa Robert: Proto. Praha: Quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog, tranzit.cz, UMPRUM, 2013

Assessment methods and criteria

Activity, ability to collaborate, results in the form of posters.


Date and time: 14/10 - 16/12

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