Techniques of photography in historical context 1

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Knowledge of the development of photographic technology and the manners of photographic depiction connected to it is an important requirement for the proper judgement of the quality of photography and selected sufficient steps in its conservation, restoration and archiving. Also an important requirement is basic adoption of techological and photographic processes.

The course will have theory and practice sections.

The theory section will be focused on the explanation of the basic principles of photographic depiction and with an explanation of the historical and societal contexts. Lectures demonstrate the links of photographic tecniques with the manner of depiction. These will be accompanied by examples of period photography which allows for better orientation. Traced will be the development and use of photography as a means of documentation and artistic media.

The practical section will cover:

Basics of exponometry.

Basic types of photographic devices, their construction, advantages and use (exercise: working with a photo device Sinar, completion 1 reproduction, example of transfer of color to greyscale, determination of the proper exposure and exmaple of manners of development - 6x9cm, 1 enlargement 24x30cm).

Lens construction and their defects, resolution, field of vision, resolution capabilities (exercise: 1 photo of the structure of the surface of an object and development of the film 9x12cm, 1 enlargement, 24x30cm).

Perspective and focal distance, balance - angle of restitutions (exercise: 1 photo with a Sinar 18x24cm and contact sheet 18x24cm, 1 photo on film roll 6x9cm, photo 30x40cm).

Comparison - results of analog and digital - photography (exercise: analog photography on a barite background, digital - photography printed on the school printer Epson).

Basics of color photography - color negative - and inversion - materials, possible development - and use - in practice (exercise: inversion - film in day and artifical lighting, B/W film, photographing - under color filters, color negative film for special subsequent completion of color enlargement 24x30cm with the use of the color analyser JOBO Colorline 7000 and on the development in THERMA PHOT ACP 502.

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Course contents

This course will be devoted to the practical role of photography in the contemporary world. It will be taught in two mutually interweaved levels - potential presentation of photography in the context of contemporary arts and group review of visited exhibitions and one's own photo collection. Topics discussed will develop from the current exhibit policies of individual institutions, particular social and political situation (elections, related events, etc.) and student work presented.

On location, at exhibitions, students are acquainted with the activities of the exhibition and artistic collections curator, individual institutions (museums, galleries, art halls) and photograph festivals, types of exhibition catalogs, and exhibition preparation organization. This course will methodologically prepare students for writing the master's thesis and preparation of a portfolio, etc.

Students will be guided to independent though and recognition, critical skills in approach to art and the surrounding world, the artist accepting responsibility for their work. The course demonstrates various approaches to the perception of art from an artist's, , performer's and audience's perspectives.

Recommended or required reading

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