Practical final exam 3

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307KZR3 ZK 3 Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The final exam of each year. The student submits all exercises completed in the given year according to the RUP and work completed in workshops registered. The student must complete all exercises!

The main part is the exhibit collection, which the student defends before the commitee. The summary committee evaluates the exhibit collection and decides about the passing of the summary exam.

The grading requirement is the summission of all prescribed exercises in electronic form, above all, the exhibit collection.

The student is obligated to show the exhibit collection in a defined form in a defined space at an agreed upon time.

Mode of study

The final exam of each year.

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Course contents

The student submits for the summary exam:

Photographs must be in TIF format on the CD and in the original dimensions and resolutions 300dpi. Individual element and photographs on the CD will be identified by a code and title of the subject and surname of the photographer. (Without a complete and correctly submitted CD, a grade cannot be given.


The stuent completes a written defense of their exhibition collection of at least 1 standard page which is sent via email (to the Dept. assistant) at least one week before the summary exam.

All exercises (and workshops) must be in KOS by the day before the summary exam is evaluated.

The student sets up the exhibition collection in an agreed place in a determined space at least one day before the start of the summary exam.

At least one week before the summary exam the student submitss a completed form with data about the exhibit collection which contains the name of the student, study year, year of the exhibit, technique and dimensions. (The form is available at

The student prepares all of their photographs with a marking as to the exercise in the location of the exhibit for the summary exam.

The summary exams are public, except for the commission's evaluation.

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Assessment methods and criteria

Oral defense of the exhibit collection is required. The student presents a defense of about 5-10 minutes.

The summary commission grades:



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