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The project aim is through the language of art to bring the public closer to the impact of mining on the climate, countryside and individual people's fates. The burning of coal is one of the main causes of change in the climate and one of the greatest challenges humanity faces. Coal mining has, also, local impact - change of fertile land into a moon landscape, dozens of dead towns, thousands of people who have lost their homes, change the social composition of the entire region.

The workshop takes place in Horní Jiřetín, a city on the edge of the valley, which has for years fought for survival. Artists are introduced to climate experts and their arguments, and with the city inhabitants and environment in which they live. In the workshop, students will have space for preparing their own artistic reactions to a discussed topic. The aim is to demonstrate that art casn play a very active role in environmental campaigns and education. Art has the potential to communication with the broader public through its metaphoric and image language. An important part of the project, therefore, will be the publicising so the created artistic works and their context reaches the broadest scope of the public.

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On location and excursion Art for Climate: Northern Bohemia - Horní Jiřetín, Litvínov, Most - April 2019

We are the limits / Art for Climate - Curator: etín, Litvínov, Most – duben 2019

Limity jsme my / Art for climate – kurátor: Lenka Kukurová - excursion guide

+ meeting with guests: Luděk Prošek (artist and instructor), Petr Globočník (local activist), Josef Patočka (Limity jsme my- We are the Limits), Jan Rovenský (Greenpeace), Vladimír Buřt (vicar Horní Jiřetín), Ibra Ibrahimovič (photographer, guide for mining locations)

The is an on location workshop with the possibility to present selected projects in at Klimakemp (curator: Lenka Kukurová)

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Lenka Kukurová is a curator and arts theoretician. She has written for media such as A2, Artalk, and others. In her work she deals with political aspects of contemporary art. She is also curator at Artwall gallery. She lives and works in Lipsko and Prague

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