Artificial Images

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307MARI Z 2 24S English, Czech summer

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participation at the open air workshop

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in person, 31.5. – 1.6. 2021

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students of Department of Photography

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Studio trip and workshop in a non-profit independent cultural centre Farmstudio. It is located in the Kokořín natural reserve area, at a unique historical site of early 19th century farmhouse in the village of Vysoká. Farmstudio provide space creative resident stays, symposia, workshops, lectures, festival, art school plain-airs and other activities of contemporary arts and live culture (photography, installation art, performance, site-specific, music, dance, theater, ergotheraphy, alternative lifestyle etc.). The aim of the project is to show to students that art can play a very active role within local ties and at the same time is being part of a wider cultural network and as the result could educate a public audience at more different levels.

The purpose of the studio workshop “Artificial Images” is to introduce the participants to the basic principles of machine learning (ML) and familiarize them with a number of creative tools for generating images through artificial neural networks. The technical focus is placed on the workings of generative adversarial networks (GANs), deep learning, dataset construction, training setup, and exporting outputs. The students are presented with accessible applications for synthesizing and reproducing GAN outputs through the web app Artbreeder and particularly RunwayML. Concepts such as latent space, interpolation, and truncation are explained visually through Runway’s workspace by directly interfacing with ML models on the server. The lecture concludes with questions and discussions regarding the current state of artificial intelligence (AI), autoregressive language models (GPT-3), with its potentials and implications. By the end of this workshop, students are able to grasp the fundamentals of machine learning and are given an anchor point from which they are able to conduct their own research and experimentation.

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active participation


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MgA. Markéta Kinterová – umělkyně, umělecká ředitelka Fotograf 07 z.s. a vedoucí ateliéru dokumentární fotografie, FAMU. Narodila se a žije v Praze. Vystudovala bakalářský a magisterský program v Ateliéru fotografie na Fakultě umění a designu UJEP v Ústí nad Labem. Absovovala stáže na Department of Art and Art History, University of Connecticut v USA a na Fachhochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, Berlin v Německu. Zůčastnila se těchto residenčních pobytů – v Centro de la Imagen – FONCA, Mexico city, Mexico and Artist in residence a Rotor – Association for Contemporary Art, Graz, Rakousko. Od roku 2016 vyučuje na pražské FAMU jako vedoucí ateliéru dokumentární fotografie. V současnosti studuje doktorský program na Vysoké škole umělecko-průmyslové v Praze.

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