Photography and Law

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The module is to provide Photography Dept. students with a basic orientation in the issues of copyright and related laws. The aim is to link intensive studio instruction to real artist operations in the Czech Republic and abroad. Regarding the law, to prepare students for practice upon completion of study.

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The module is focused on the most frequent legal questions situations the Photography Dept. student may encounter during study and active career. Among the basic topics are issues of the creation of a photographic piece, issues of personal and property copyrights and the term of their protection, providing licenses for use of photos of others or the management of relations between the artist and a gallery or other cultural institution. Attention will be dedicated to current issues regarding appropriation of others' photos in the creation of one's work or establishing the limits of privacy protection in photographing other persons.

The presentation will be accompanied by photographs by interesting Czech and foreign artists which arise in these contexts and will be inspiration for subsequent wider debates (ex: Photographer Patrick Cariou legal battles with the artist Richard Prince regarding his works in the Canal Zone project, the photographs of Jasansky and Polak - with their permission, artistically developed by Stefan Toth, and the recent case of Catrijn van Giel, photo-reporter with the Belgian painter Luc Tuymans and a number of other cases).

Recommended or required reading

-Adamovsky?, Michal. Vy?voj autorske?ho pra?va ve fotografii do roku 1945, bakala?r?ska? pra?ce na AMU, katedra fotografie FAMU, 2011.

-Adamovsky?, Michal: Fotografie a majetková práva, diplomová pra?ce na AMU, katedra fotografie FAMU, 2014.

-Allen, Greg. Canal Zone Richard Prince Yes Rasta: Selected Court Documents. New York, 2011.

-Gendreau, Isolde. Nordemann, Axel. Oesch, Rainer. Copyright and Photographs. An International Survey. London, 1999.

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photographie. Actes Sud/Muse?e de L E?lyse?e, 2008.

-Johns, Adrian. Pirátství. Boje o duševní vlastnictví od Gutenberga po Gatese. Host, 2013.

-McClean, Daniel (ed.). The trials of art. Ridinghouse, London, 2007.

-Valoušek, Martin. Fotografie a Právo. Autorské právo a ochrana osobnosti ve vztahu k fotografii. Leges, 2014.

Assessment methods and criteria

Module participation and related discussion.



Michal Adamovský (1982), since 2015 a PhD student at FAMU (Film Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague) where he deals with questions regarding the relationship between photography and authorial law. He graduated from the Faculty of Law and then worked for prof. Jiří Srstka in DILIA ? audio-visual, theatre and literature agency. He later successfully finished an MA program at FAMU, at the Department of Photography in the studio of Štěpánka Šimlová. He was appointed to participate in an art residency in Atelieru de Visu in Marseille (his supervisor was Antoine de Agatha from Magnum Photos) and he later received a two-month scholarship for research of authorial law in Museum of Modern Art Library and International Centre of Photography in New York. He participated in several workshops in Luxemburg, Israel and Croatia. Michal Adamovský exhibited in several Czech and foreign galleries (Langhans Gallery in Prague, Exhibit N.9 in New Jersey, Chung-Ang Art Centre in Soul or Czech China Contemporary in Beijing). He is now a director of Fair Art, a non-profit organisation, where he organises a series of lectures on authorial law for students of art (FAMU, UMPRUM, AVU ? Academy of Fine Arts, Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague).

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