Photography in the Museum

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307MFM Z 3 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students in practice are acquainted with the historical image material contained in selected memorial institutions. During excursions, students learn current standards for storage and records of photographs, selectively are acquainted with the state of photographs from the collections of visited institution, with the state of care of the given material and potential use of the given material.

During exercises students, in practice, test how to select and evaluate a given manner of presentation. The result of the exercise will be a virtual or real project for a short-term mini-exhibit, small publication or web presentation on an assigned topic from museum image material.

Mode of study

Attended class (lectures, excursions and exercises in memorial institutions)

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Course contents

Single--semester instruction focused on introducing sources and types of photographic image material in museums and other memorial institutions and the history of its storage and presentation.

Areas and typical examples of the use of photography in museums and National memorial institutions.

Contemporary trends in the use of photography in one's activities and presentation of memorial institutions.

Preventive conservation, manners of storage and protecting in practice.

Instruction: Lecture, excursions to NTM, NPU and selected museums, exercises - virtual or real project of a short-term mini-exhibit, small publication and web presentation on an assigned topic from museum image material.

Recommended or required reading

Hozák, J.: Příběh národního technického muzea, Praha, 2008

Historická fotografie. Sborník, 2008/2009

Bezděk, L. a Frouz, M.: Digitální a digitalizovaná fotografie pro vědecké účely v praxi památkové péče, Praha, 2014

Assessment methods and criteria

Attendance at lectures and excursions, proposal of a small publication with the use of museum image materials.


First meeting on Friday 18.3.2016 at 14:30 at the ticket office of the National Technical Museum, Kostelni 42, 17000 Praha 7.

It is necessary to receive permision prior to admittance to the museum. The request must include names and permanent addresses of the visitors. Registration is to be sent at least one week prior with that data to the lecturer :

Petr Kliment was born in 1953 and graduated from FAMU, Artistic Photography studies. From 1983-1992 he was a curator in the photography and film technology dept. at National Technical Museum in Prague. In the following years he worked independently and dealt with, primarily, pre-print preparations. In1999 he worked as the lead of the photo dept. at the Jewish Museum in Prague. In 2003 he worked again at NTM as the head of the photography and film technology dept. From 2013 he has been the lead of the Czech Olympic Committee photography archive where he managed the Olympic multi-media library project focused on collecting and presenting image documentation of Czech sports. The project was co-financed with funds from the International Olympic Committee. In 2013 to 2016 he has lead the NTM national investigative team project Daguerrobase, co-financed by the European Commission. Currently he is a member of the investigative team „Historical Photography“ project, supported by the Czech Republic Ministry of Culture in the NAKI program. Petr Kliment is the curator of several permanent expositions focused on the history of photography and image media.

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