Restauring positive photographic materials

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307MRFM Z 3 8S Czech winter

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Lecturer: Blanka Hnulíková, coordinator Robert Silverio

Place: Národní archiv , meeting at the entrance

Date: 21. 10. , 9:00-15:00 ,further to be announced

Time: 2x per month in the Winter semester, approx: 8 hours per month

Grading: 3 credits, 90% attendance

Note: This module gives preference to students in the Photography Dept students. Photograph Restoration studio and CAS cinema material restoration students.

Maximum: 4 students

Note: This course is intended for the restoration of film positive material. In individual gradual steps from the creation of restoration intent, photographic documentation, various types of cleaing, removing glue and tape remains, fixing damaged paper substrates and sensitive layers, retouching supplements and final fixes. Completing the restoration report.

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