Animation + Acting 2

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309AHER2 ZK 19 Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the exercise to demonstrate abilities in combining live acting with animation and to create the main subsequent 4th year exercise.

Mode of study

Consultations on subject matter and screenplays. Discussions in workshops. Personal creative activity.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

The requirements for the exercise are part of the „White Book.“

Course contents

The study exercise is to create the technical screenplay, storyboard and layout for the year-final exercise in the „Animation and the Actor“ 1st year master's study.

Recommended or required reading

Films of Georges Mélies

Films „Sousedi“ and „Židle“ („Neighbours“ and „A Chairy Tale“) Norman McLaren

Films „Lekce Faust“,„Jídlo“,„Něco málo z Alenky“,„Mužné hry.“ Jan Švankmajer

Films „Eastern - Krvavý Hugo“ Aurela Klimta

Film „Test“ Václav Švankmajera

Film „I am bigger and better“ Martin Duda

Assessment methods and criteria

The year-final committee takes part in evaluating the exam. The students is graded based on the submitted work.


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