Traditional Animation 1

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309ANK1 Z 1 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the workshop is the instruction of basic drawn animation and the development of creative and acting talents. Substantial scriptwriting, creative, animation and directorial preparations of the bachelor's film.

Mode of study

Theory preparations, practical exercises, collective discussions over the results of collective exercises.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Creative and dramatic expression skills.

Course contents

This workshop is devoted to mastering the basics of animation and drawn films.

Recommended or required reading

Required Literature:

Borivoj Dovniković, Bordo: Škola kresleného filmu

Recommended Literatur:

Rudolf Urc - Animovaný film

Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston - The Illusion of Life - Disney Animation

John Halas - Timing for Animation

Edweard Muybridge - The Human Figure in Motion Animals in Motion


Pivotal animated films by domestic and internationally known creators.

Review of films from Annecy.

FAMU student works.

Assessment methods and criteria

Grades for the course are part of the semester end testing.

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