Bachelor Film Project 2 - Preparation

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309BAKF2 ZK 2 60CS Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The aim of the Bachelor's film exercise - preparation and create the technical script, final graphics proposal and story reel for the bachelor's film.

Mode of study

Consultations in the workshop, one's creative activity. The aim of the Bachelor's film 2 exercise - preparation is to create the technical script, final graphics proposal and story real for the bachelor's film.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Creation of the literary script, storyboard and creative proposals for this exercise.

Course contents

Content and exercise results

This film is created on a freely selected topic and is not limited in genre nor technology. The student demonstrate with this film that they have the requirements for master's study. Student complete preparations of their bachelor's film in order to be able to execute it in the following semester. Preparations are comprised of the technical script, story reel and final graphics proposal. Students must already know their selected animation technique. Furthermore, students find their own collaborators - film producer, editor, and sound engineer. Work results - the prepare project is presented at a FAMU studio preproduction program. It must be clear what the film will be, what it will look like and what technology will be used.

Recommended or required reading

The aim of the exercises is to create the bachelor graduate film.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded based on exercises. Evaluation of exercises is part of the state final bachelor exam.


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