Animasophy-Notes toward the theory of animation

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309MANI Z 1 4/D English summer

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The aim of the workshop is to open questions about theory of animation and future of animation as well as introduce the theory of animasophy and it´s up-date. The module will also introduce Ülo Pikkov not only as a lecturer and theorist of animation, but also as a director of animated films.

Mode of study

Workshop, screenings, lecture, discussion.

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Course contents

The workshop will introduce basic chapters and problems of „animasophy“, a unique theory of animation written by Estonian animator and theorist Ülo Pikkov. His book of the same title was published also in Czech at AMU Press at the beginning of this year. Since Pikkov wrote his book in 2010, he will also discuss his up-to date reflections on animation in his lecture called On Animation in the Era of Post-Animation. The lecture will be followed by screenings and discussion.

The workshop will be devided into 2 parts: morning session (10-12 am) and afternoon session (2-4 pm). In the morning, Ülo Pikkov will have artistic speech about his films and methods and he will screen some his films including his latest ones (Empty space, Letting go). The afternoon session will be dedicated to theory of animation, lecture and discussion.

Recommended or required reading

Ülo Pikkov: Animasofie. NAMU 2018

Assessment methods and criteria

Attendance (screenings, lecture + discussion) is required. A two-page essay about the topic of Animasophy and/or the screened film must be sent till the end of semester.



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