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The main outcome of this course is to present different point of view to animation than FAMU students are usually used to. John Stevenson is the director of blockbusters like Kung-fu panda 1 and worked as the Head of Story Depatment on films like Shrek or Madagascar. He will introduce how big american animated films are made. Screenings and discussion will be part of the workshop. Mr. Stevenson will present his latest short movie. Students could discuss also their own films with him

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Workshop of the film director John Stevenson will introduce the work-in-progress of films like Kung-fu Panda 1 of Sherlock Gnomes. Mr. Stevenson will explain how he developed characters of his films, how important is colour or space organisation in his films and how the storyboards of his films looked like. He will also describe the organisation of big american animation studios like DreamWorks and tell the students what exactly was his work as the Head of Story department on films like Shrek 1, Shrek 2 od Madagascar. John Stevenson will also explain how impotant is to make a research for his films.

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