Acting Studio 2

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311AS2 ZK 2 2T English summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The main objective of this course is to learn the basics of actors craft in order to know how to work with him or her.

You will learn: - basics of actors craft

Mode of study

exercises, monologue, scenes

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Absolving Acting studio 1, to continue further work.

Course contents

This is a practical course for directors, scriptwriters, cinematographes or editors, in order to understand the actor´s skill. Actor is your creative partner and in order to understand his/her process you need to try the same yourself.

Recommended or required reading

Stanislavski´s translations: „An Actor´s Work On Himself“/ 1990-2/

„An Actor Prepares“ /1936/, „Building A Character“ /1950/,

„Creating A Part“/1961/, Jean Benedetti: Stanislavski And The actor"/1998/

Assessment methods and criteria

The work on a dialogue, then a monologue and then on famous scenes from films will result in filming the piece as a casting session. Students direct each other and then asses each other in the group.



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