History of Animation

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311HAN ZK 3 2T English winter and summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students should be acquainted not just with history of animation from early years but also with differencies not between America and Europe only but among individual Masters of animation in different national cinematographies till 90ties of the 20th Century. The aim is to understand roots of this special art and serious historical tasks it had in the past in different parts of the World.

Mode of study

lecture, screening, commentary

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Course contents

History of Animation is a subject for more than 1 semester only. That´s why this one semester subject at FAMU is some kind of introduction into history of animation - the rich Czech and foreign panorama of Animated Films.

Recommended or required reading

Gianalberto Bendazzi: Cartoons - One Hundred Years of Film Animation

Jan Poš: Czech Animated Film 1934 - 1994 (in English and Czech languages)

(They are waiting at your convenience at FAMU library on the 1st Floor)

Assessment methods and criteria

The most important for student´s achievement in this subject is his/her regular attendance at lessons. Some of animated films student could see in the school library, but many of them could see at lessons only.

-Attendance 30%

-Final test 30%

-Discussion 30%

-Regular and active participation in classes 10%


Detailed syllabus available upon request in FAMU International office.

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