AD's @ motion picture scheduling training course

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311MADM Z 2 3/D English summer

Subject guarantor

Ondřej ZACH

Name of lecturer(s)

Ondřej ZACH

Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course is a guided teamwork training of shooting schedule delivery for specific school motion picture project.

The training includes sessions devoted to general topics related to Assistant Directing.

Mode of study

two parts workshop

Prerequisites and co-requisites


Course contents

Introducing ways to approach and understand the craft of Assistant Director.

Step by step how one creates a production board, shot-by-shot, day-by-day, set-by-set to turn a shooting schedule into a workable production schedule.

And how one runs the set.

Pre-preparation of motion picture project.

Breaking down and colorcoding a script.

Preparing a production striptboard.

Organizing the board using parameter factors.

Determining the final workable shooting schedule.

Results presentation.

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Assessment methods and criteria

100% attendance



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