Sound for Film: Mentor Workshop 2

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311SMW2 Z 1 20S English summer

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Ondřej ZACH

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Ondřej ZACH

Learning outcomes of the course unit

Participants will get basic knowledge, through experience and a bit of theory, on sound for film in general from this course.

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Course contents

This course consists of following parts:

Advanced techniques of sound shooting

Techniques of Sound Editing

Techniques of sound Mixing

Sound dramaturgy examples

Recommended or required reading

CHION, Michael. Audio-vision: Sound on Screen. New York: Columbia University Press, 1990.

Assessment methods and criteria

100% attendance and active participation


Vojtěch Zavadil

I was born in Prague on 21.10.1991 to a middle-class religious family, with which I grew up in a nice neighborhood of Prague 6. I was influenced heavily by them to play classical music from very young age, violoncello at age seven to be precise. I started my high school education at age 11 and throughout the eight years at high school Nad Štolou, which ended with my graduation at 2011, I leaned from classical to rock, reggae, hip-hop and alternative music. I also started a high-school band and did many amateur films, because I was simply fascinated by stories and audio-vision in general. These two subjects of interest of mine have become indispensable for my later professional development. After High school I applied to bachelor's program of sound creation studies at Czech FAMU, which I started in 2012 and finished in 2016. I got accepted right away to the subsequent master at the same faculty which I hope to finish next year. I also successfully experienced Erasmus studying internship at Toulouse. During my studies I worked as an independent sound-designer on many student and also professional films (or other audio-visual formats), which included for example Kiyv Moscow (,

Cykles (,

Performance ( )

and Ohong Village (

I also worked as a sound mixer on few radio documentaries, between which one was very successful: Berka se rozhodl zemřít

And I haven't abandoned music creation as well, I recorded, produced and mixed a handful of records, I am part of an independent music studio Mr.Wombat and still active musician, recently as a leader of a band Loukotě.

I also started teaching basic sound workshops, both in Czech and English, for different topics of sound creation.

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