History and Theory of Visual Arts and Architecture 1

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aim is not only to give a basic picture of the given excerpt of the development of European visual culture and provide a basic summary of works and style attributes which are an expression of our collective visual memory, but also to provide and cultivate instruments of a grasp and understanding of historical visual artefacts and their relationships and contexts.

Mode of study

Lecture + screenings

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Presumed basic bearing in the history of art and cultural history of Europe and a visual sensitivity required of a FAMU student.

Course contents

The Italian Renaissance and Antique Heritage

  1. Birth of historical self-aware visual arts.
  2. Concept of Renaissance art
  3. Time in the fine arts and the time of fine arts (cross-section)
  4. Arts and Science
  5. Imaging systems, perspective problems, conventionalized visual language
  6. Problems of innovation in the arts
  7. Antique arts and the Renaissance image of the antique
  8. The phenomenon of patronage and collecting.
  9. Problem of genius and „teachability“ of art.
  10. Arts and technology
  11. Canon and aesthetic norms
  12. The invention of the printing press and European visual culture
  13. The problems of the center and the periphery
  14. The contituent role of antique art

Recommended or required reading

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Assessment methods and criteria

Attendance at lectures + completion of assignments. Completed assignments to be sent to: czumalo@gmail.com


This course is scheduled once every three years. It will be scheduled 2009/10.

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