Game Engine for Artistic Creation 1

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373GE1 Z 1 4O English, Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

In this workshop you will learn to work with basic tools and Unity’s UI environment. The goal is to explain advantage of the Unity Engine and how to build a “gaming” artwork. Resulting skills will offer simple 3D animation tool with fast render solution both for rendering videos in custom screen resolutions (also 360°), and for exporting own gaming software.

Mode of study

Students can use their own prepared materials as: 3D models, animations, images, audio, photos, videos and other. Lecturer will consult and provide example assets. We will oversee example projects and try to create our own as well. Cooperation between students is possible. There will be one or more local computers to work with.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Course does not require programming skills, but it is welcomed. Open to all students. Experience with 3D modeling software like Blender is welcomed. Students are expected to bring their own laptop with pre-installed last official release of Unity.

(write to Jakub Krejčí - for help/questions).

Course contents

Students in this course learn to work with fundamental devices and user environments of the Unity game engine. As well the course is devoted to the preparation of a project (concept, script) of one's interactive or game oriented artistic piece whose form may be 3D animation, video, an interactive application, installation, performance, etc. Part of the course is an introduction to the use of the C Sharp programming language and as well a glimpse into game oriented art.

Recommended or required reading

expression. Available at:

Assessment methods and criteria

Students must attend all module lectures, monitor instructors steps and at the end present their own artistic work. Grading is on tasks completed on time, consultations, preparations of one's project.


Lecturer Jakub Krejčí is using Unity for Performance, Animation and VR, studied CAS, FAMU.

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This course is an elective for all AMU students

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