Albert Sackl with Henry Hills

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Films at Ponrepo:

Vom Innen; von aussen (About the Inside; from the Outside) - 20 min, 16mm, 2006

Im Freien (In the Open) - 23 min, 35mm and 16mm, 2011

steifheit 1-3 / 7 (stiffness 1-3 / 7) - 9 min, 35mm, 2018

Films at FAMU will be all in Super-8 projection

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screening and discussion

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The screenings are open to anyone wishing to attend even if not enrolled in class.

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Austrian filmmaker Albert Sackl will present and discuss his 35mm, 16mm, & Super-8 films.

Thursday, 21 February, 20:30 Ponrepo

Friday, 22 February, 14:00 FAMU Screening Room

In collaboration with Austrian Cultural Forum Praha and NFA/Ponrepo and Henry Hills.

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To receive credit, a journal describing your experience of these films (3 page minimum; plagiarism off the internet will result in failure) is due before the end of the semester, in order to have your credit posted. Writing in Czech is permitted. Please e-mail this to:


Albert Sackl

born 1977 in Graz, Austria

grown up in the countryside in southern Styria, Austria

1995 - 1997 studies of philosophy and art history at the University of Vienna

1997 - 2000 studies of fine arts at the Städelschule Frankfurt - film class with Peter Kubelka

2007 Styrian Scholarship for Film and Cinematic Art

2007 - 2010 teaching activity at the School for Independent Film, Vienna

2007 - 2011 studies of fine arts at the Academy for fine Arts in Vienna - class with Heimo Zobernig

2012 Nomination for the European Film Awards (Short Film)

lives in Vienna

Henry Hills is an American experimental filmmaker living in Vienna. He has taught (& presented almost 50 guest filmmakers) at FAMU since 2005. This is his last class.

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