The Power of the Image, The Image of Power 2

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373MOM2 ZK 2 2T Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

An introduction to the modern and post-modern ideas of the roll of the image, its power and efforts in creating a social reality.

Mode of study

Lecture linked to or followed by moderated and non-moderated discussion and analyses of media, artistic or life's work examples.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Analytical and critical skills.

Course contents

A broadly based critique of the image, media and power originating particularly from a philosophical and sociological position. A study of the fabrication of truth, the diachotomy of reality and fiction, simulation and metaphorization of sense, representation and virtualization of so-called reality. The image as a part of consumer culture, spectacle as a camouflage of general insecurity. Advertisement as a manifestation of the ideolization of the social space. The medial psychosis of threat, real time digital networks. Technology as a tool of dominance and power and as control over human energy resources.

Recommended or required reading


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ADORNO, Theodore, HORKHEIMER, Max. Schéma masové kultury, Praha, Oikoymenh, 2009

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Assessment methods and criteria

Credit will be awarded based on participation in class and submission of the paper on a proposed topic which the student defends in an interview.



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