Sound on Screen 1

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373MSS1 Z 1 10S English, Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Listening to film, sound-film theory, sound discourse

Mode of study

film projectio, discussion

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Course contents

This module consists of 3 meetings in the fall semester and 4 meetings in the spring semester. Each meeting will be the projection of a movie with „added sonic value“. Students will vote on what movie should be screened. The discussion about the sound will be supported by references and concepts within a theory of sound-making resulting of Pinheiro's research „Acousmatic Foley“. In the end of the module, students can choose one of the films and write a short essay about it.

Recommended or required reading

Altman, R. (org.). 1992. Sound Theory/Sound Practice. Nova Iorque: Routledge.

Beck, J. and Grajeda, T. 2008. Lowering the Boom. Baltimore, United States: University of Illinois Press Chion, M. 1990. Audio-Vision. New York: Columbia University Press Weis, E. e Belton, J. (orgs.) (1985) Film Sound. Nova Iorque: Columbia University Press.

Assessment methods and criteria

film projection, discussion, writing of an essay


FAMU Projection room, Fri 6-8 pm.




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