Pedagogical Practice CAS BC

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373PPB Z 2 8S Czech winter and summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

The course aim is to create space for acquiring teaching experience in assisting lower study-year students in assignments which require technical skills which the upper study-year students have.

Mode of study

Linking work with exercises in the workshop or module workshops.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

Technological skills and advanced skills in reviewing and present in a sensible manner.

Course contents

This course is reserved for certifying student assistant teaching in reflective types of courses. They encourage self actualization through independant application of skills gained - as students transition into the world from the safe space of the educational institution. Students must choose, organize and fulfill tasks that will be applicable in their practice as artists or makers of audio visual materials in a wide range of contexts.

Recommended or required reading

Literature according to the education practice.

Assessment methods and criteria

Assisting by student in practice tasks or instruction of lower level students is evaluated, in principle always at the side of the lead instructor. Written report - proof in form of minimum page summary.


This course may be completed any time during study. These require permission of the garant to see if they qualify as sufficient output and then proof in form of minimum page summary of all details with supporting urls.

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