3D Modeling 2

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373TDMO2 ZK 1 2T Czech summer

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This course introduces students to the general bases of 3D graphics in creating static and moving images and real-time simulations.

Mode of study

exercises, independent work.

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Course contents

The aim of the course is to adopt basic techniques for preparing 3D graphics (3D models, materials, textures, animation, rendering, programming). Upon completion of the course the student is to be able to independently produce basic 3D graphics for their own creations (image, video, 3D printing, simulation, virtual reality, etc.) The practical will take place using the Opensource program Blender.

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Assessment methods and criteria

Practical experience; development and subission of assignment on an assigned topic at the summary exam. The student presents a classic still life composed of several given objects which are modelled, textured, lighted and rendered as a single composition. Submission form: 1x JPG file, 1920x1080.



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