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380DDK ZK 20 1/ST Czech summer

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Students acquire ability to develop and evaluate theories, concepts and methods in their field.

Mode of study

Independent research, consultations with supervisor, commission exam.

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Course contents

In this course students focus on theory and methodology beginnings of their research. Under the guidance of a supervisor the student develops the theory-methodology part of the dissertation (containing relevant theory knowledge, justification of selection and specifications of the methodology appropriate for treatment of the dissertation research issue) to an extent of at least 15 standard pages (it must contain a list of professional literature which is not included in the page count.). The text is submitted electronically at least one month before the established date of the exam. The text typically in revised and supplemented form becomes part of the dissertation.

Recommended or required reading

Czech and Foreign professional literature in the field of film and media theory, relevant titles depend on the topic of the dissertation.

Assessment methods and criteria

This exam is a discussion on the proposed theory-methodology part of the dissertation. Requirements of field knowledge which the student demonstrates in the exam come, primarily, from their individual research project. In discussion about the text the commission reviews all relevant film and media theory approaches. The commission evaluates the quality of the proposed text and abilty of the student to defend the chosen theory and methodology approach. The commission is, at least, 5 members, made up from members of ORDS or other FAMU professionals and supervisors.

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