Photography and Law

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380MFP Z 1 Czech summer

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Acquisition of basic awareness in practical legal issues linked to photography, both free and purposed.

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Lecture, case studies, discussion

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The workshop will be aimed the the most frequent practical legal issues and situation that an artist can encounter in their work and which are part of the photography medium. Reaching into other creative arts fields, we will cover issues of the genesis of a piece and how to protect it, issues of providing licences but also how to establish one's royalties. Also, current issues regarding appropriating other's photographs in the creation of one's work or establising limits to the protection of privacy in photographing other persons.

The presentation will be based on photographs of interesting domestic and foreign cases and controversies which might initiate further discussions on the topic of creative works and the law (Frantisek Drtikol, Richard Prince, Jeff Koons, Tono Stano, Vaclav Jirasek and a number of other cases).

In relation to the ongoing workshop, it is recommended that prior to its start, to visit two interesting lectures by foreign expers in the field of art and the law in Prague (in English);

1.) 25.4 Art, art(ifice) and the Law (Luca Guidobaldi, Rome)

On April 25, Thursday at 16:10, at UPRUM, room 115. Luca Guidobali (expert on intellectual rights in Rome) will present a lecture on originality, appropriation, artistic freedom and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in art.

2.) 29. 4, Art law on the New York Scene in Theory and Practice (Kathryn E. Wagner, NYC)

On April 29th, Kathryn E. Wagner, lawyer and director of the Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts organization in New York will lecture. Kathryn will talk about manners which help artist grow and orient themselves in the legal aspects of their activities, and illustrate current issues in the arts sphere in a series of cases from her practice. The lecture will take place at 18:00 in room 300 at the Law Faculty of Charles University.

Recommended or required reading

Allen, Greg (ed.). Canal Zone Richard Prince Yes Rasta 2. The Appeals Court Decision in Cariou v. Prince, et al., also the court's complete illustrated appendix. Marson Gate, 2013, 142 s.

Ewing, William A. The Body: Photographs of the Human Form. San Francisco, 1994, Chronicle Books, 432 s.

Girardin, Daniel. Pirker, Christian. Controverses, Une historie juridique at éthique de la photographie. Lausanne: Actes Sud / Musée de l’Élysée, 2008, 320 s.

Valoušek, Martin. Právní vztahy ve fotografii: autorské právo a ochrana osobnosti ve vztahu k fotografii. Praha, Leges, 2014, 128 s.

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