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702SFB13 Z 1 Czech

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Expanding communication skills in everyday situations, describe experiences, events, express one's opinion and communication in one's study area.

Mode of study

Readings and text analysis, listening, presentation and grammar and vocabulary exercises. Moderated dialog. Preparations for presentations, presentation and discussions.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A requirement for the course is language knowledge from a lower level course.

Course contents

Speaking: communications on residence, shopping and travel topics.

Writing: Advertisement

Grammar: Difference between future simple and „be going to“ future, present conditional, irregular verbes: palire, cueillir, 3rd class verbs, independent determiners and possessive pronouns, conjecture and fulfillable conditions. ne...jemais, ne....personne, ne...rien; relative pronouns qui, que.

Recommended or required reading

BARTHÉLÉMY, Fabrice, CHEIN, Sandrine, ETIENBLED, Alice, MIMRAN, Reine, POISSON-QUINTON, Sylvie. Zénith A2, Méthode de français, Paris: CLE INTERNATIONAL/SEJER, 2013.

ISBN 978-209-038611-0


PRAVDOVÁ, Marie, PRAVDA, Miroslav. Francouzština nejen pro samouky. LEDA 2007 ISBN 978-80-7335-083-3

GRÉGOIRE, Maia, MERLO Gracia. Exercices communicatifs de la grammaire progressive du français (niveau intermédiaire). Paris, CLE INTERNATIONAL, 1998. ISBN 209 033860-1

Current material from the internet, newspapers and magazines

Coursebook: Zénith A2 is use in instruction as the basic textbook (L10 - L13).

The webpage is appropriate for practicing all language skills, primarily for exercising correct pronunciation, understanding speaking from native speakers and exercising many grammar items. It is used in instruction but is primarily for independent study.

Textbooks by Czech authors are for independent study.

Current material from the internet, newspapers and magazines.

Assessment methods and criteria

Credit is awarded for:

Attention: Required 70% attendance.

Unless otherwise stated by the instructor, students who do no fulfill the minimum attendance requirements must achieve at least 80% on the credit test.

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