French Upper-Intermediate 1

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702SFB21 Z 1 2T Czech winter

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Learning outcomes of the course unit

Ability to communicate in complex situations

Ability to lead discussions on abstract topics

Study area vocabulary

Mode of study

Readings and text analysis, listenings, presentation and practice of lexis and grammar structures, moderated discussions, independent presentation.

Prerequisites and co-requisites

A requirement for registration is knowledge to the level of the previous the previous course.

Course contents

Speaking: expressing feelings, forming and defending opinions, argumentation, proposing solutions.

Understanding standard speech, news and film.

Grammar: complex grammar, indirect questions, irregular verbs; recevoir, écrire, mourir, subjunctive present irregular verbs, subjunctives after conjunctions, future simple, present conditional, past perfect, conditional clauses, independent demonstrative pronouns.

Topics: The human body, health, orientation in a city, transportation, residence) and grammar corresponding to lessons 25-28 in the course book.

Recommended or required reading

GRÉGOIRE, Maia, MERLO Gracia. Exercices communicatifs de la grammaire progressive du français(niveau intermédiaire). Paris: CLE INTERNATIONAL,1998.

GRÉGOIRE,Maia,THIÉVENAZ Odile. Grammaire progressive du français(niveau intermédiaire). Paris:CLE INTERNATIONAL, 1995.

MÉRIEUX, Régine, LOISEAU Yves. Connexions, Méthode de français, niveau 2. Paris: Didier 2004. ISBN 978-2-278-05532-6

MÉRIEUX, Régine, LOISEAU Yves, BOUVIER, Béatrice. Connexions, Méthode de français, niveau 3. Paris: Didier 2004. ISBN 978-2-278-05622-4

PRAVDOVÁ, Marie. Le français pour vous. LEDA 1995.

PRAVDOVÁ, Marie, PRAVDA, Miroslav. Francouzština nejen pro samouky. LEDA 2007 ISBN 978-80-7335-083-3

Materials from the internet, newspapers and magazines.

Internet courses:Polarfle, Bonjourdefrance

The main course book assigned: PRAVDOVÁ, Marie, PRAVDA, Miroslav. Francouzština nejen pro samouky. LEDA 2007. ISBN 978-80-7335-083-3. This book is appropriate for independent study, primarily of grammar

The materials will be used by selection. Exact information to be given by the instructor.

Assessment methods and criteria

class participation

completion of assignments

completion of the final exam


If the student is not able to attend classes for extenuating circumstances (internship, competition, serious health issues), the student is obligated to contact the instructor, obtain materials and arrange consultation hours. Otherwise, the student is not eligible for credit.

Further information

This course is an elective for all AMU students

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