Required Elective Courses Montage

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Code Course Name Language Instruction Schedule WINTER SEMESTER SUMMER SEMESTER
Tutor completion ECTS range completion ECTS range
311CID1 Cinemadance 1 English Z 3 50CS
311CID2 Cinemadance 2
English Z 3 50CS Subject is not scheduled
311CIN Cinematographer's Influence
English ZK 2 2T ZK 2 2T Subject is not scheduled
311CIRM Circulating within The Modern Cinematic Image English Tue
Projection Room
ZK 3 4T
311CIRP Circulating within The Postmodern Cinematic Image
English ZK 3 4T Subject is not scheduled
311FFHT1 Focus on Film History and Theory 1 English Fri
Room No. 3
ZK 2 36PS
311AF History of Avant-garde Film
English ZK 3 40P Subject is not scheduled
306SE Sound Editing English ZK 2 26S ZK 2 26S
311FSPA The History of Film Space
English ZK 2 2T Subject is not scheduled
306SW1 Workshop Collaboration 1 Czech Z 4 6/s Z 4 6/s
306SW2 Workshop Collaboration 2 Czech Z 4 6/s Z 4 6/s