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201ERZ3 ZK 4 4 hodiny výuky týdně (45 minut), 64 až 84 hodin domácí příprava anglicky zimní

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During the Master's level study, under expert supervision the student realizes his/her larger-scale artistic work, encountering the need for thorough preparation of the production. The student is directed to imagine in the most detailed way possible the details and whole of the work under the real conditions prevailing at a school theatre. The realization of the production forces the student to synthesize practical and theoretical knowledge with experience. The student overcomes considerable difficulties thanks to the requirement for realizing his/her ideas with limited material and is led within this framework to strengthen his/her theatrical imagination on the basis of being specific. A major part of instruction is the need to create with others and to be able to inspire and be inspired by them. The important thing here is independent decision making arising from the ability to listen, argue and convince. Here, the students take important steps towards finding their own creative methods, not limiting themselves to their own abilities, but making use of the talents and abilities of their fellow artists.

  1. Introduction to comprehensive preparation of a production.
  2. Selection of subject matter.
  3. Staging intent.
  4. Dramaturgic-directing conception.
  5. Choosing coworkers and conception of the production.
  6. Preparation of the production.
  7. Preparation of the rehearsal process.

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