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The course aims to give the students - future cameramen an overview of the fields of filming with a digital camera, its basic technical setup, digital postproduction and distribution. It focuses on the individual critical stages in the process, the consistency of color rendering from shooting to the final presentation and distribution of the work.

Students will get a clearer understanding of the roles of crew members and post-production staff involved in the digital workflow,

as DIT - Digital Imaging Technician , Data Wrangler (data department), Digital Dailies Technician (dailies department), Assistant Editor, Colourist, vfx Compositor, final delivery and QC output or digital cinema projectionist. It will help them understand their role as a cameraman in the whole process of digital workflow and mutual communication methods better.

Forma studia

The course includes practical exercises and visits to specialized workplaces.

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Obsah kurzu

The course focuses on fundamental theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of digital image data processing, from image acquisition to postproduction and distribution in digital cinema and other contemporary media.

The whole issue is handled primarily from the cameraman’s point of view so that the future cameraman can assess the selected workflow and communicate with the other crew members and the post-production studio to find the optimum path both in terms of the ultimate quality and production costs.


1.Recap of basic concepts - color space, gamut, color spaces REC709, P3, REC2020. Log data, lin data. Video vs. Data levels


3.ACES color space and its practical application, IDT, RRT, ODT. Basic ACES workflow

4.RGB compressed data vs. RAW data, Bayer filter, codecs, codec comparison. RAW Data Recording and Processing, ARRI RAW Converter, Codex.

5.Color LUT, 2D, 3D. LUT creation and modification, software for work with LUT (Lattice, 3DLUTCreator). LUT in Adobe Photoshop CC.

6.Basic MAM - media asset management, naming conventions, digital data care

7.Typical workflows for varois types of production - TV show, advertisement, low-budget feature / documentary, standard fiction / documentary

8.Practical exercises - preproduction, look files, camera selection - sensor, sensitivity, data recording - codecs

9.Practical exercises - on-set - camera settings (e.g. ARRI Alexa and look files), camera tests, color and gray table, monitoring - setting up on-set monitor, LUT box, live grade

10.Practical exercises - near-set/on-set - dailies, transcoding, data preparation for editing and for screening of dailies

11.Practical exercises - green screen, specifics of vfx shooting

12.Practical exercises - grading, conforming, use of LUT, choices of working color space, data export, import. Camera test evaluation after grading. Data delivery for Internet, TV, DCI cinema

13.Visit to see color grading in a professional studio, meeting colorists, DCI screening, HDR TV projection

14.Fundamental DCP mastering

15.DCI screening, check of the DCI projector settings and calibration

16.Screening the camera test results, evaluation

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