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The students will improve their practical skills of lighting and camera operating. They will learn how to create a lighting setups based on the given script and director’s approach. The participants will develop a specific cinematic style for shooting the given script, all based on their previous experience.

In this exercise the students will also prove their ability to work closely with a film director through understanding the concept of the project and the director’s individual creative approach. At the same time they will demonstrate their ability to push their own creative angle to maximum and to bring it to life on the screen.

Forma studia

The students will practice shooting in the studio while collaborating with the directors from the 2nd year of Documentary department. They will participate in the conceptualization and practical preparation of the 10 minute film which will be shot during 2 days in the studio. The exercise title „Experiment“ and the guidelines provided by the documentary department stipulate that students can use wide range of styles as long as they cohere to the specific theme/story. The story has been picked from the media news. The documentary students will decide their own angle and treatment for this same topic. The freedom of picking the form and shape of the narrative and the cinematic language will be balanced by setting the rules for clear communication via synopsis, screenplay and/or storyboard. The comprehensible creative communication between the director and the DOP will be crucial for the whole process.

Předpoklady a další požadavky

Students will conceptualize their visual and technical approach via short treatment which should include visual references . They will consult with the director and the teacher all the steps of the preparation, including the stage design and art department including relevant color (or monochromatic) scheme reflected in the choice of props and wardrobe.

The students will propose a relevant and reasonable technical tools that will best serve their creative attitude while staying within the budgetary a technical limits set for the project by the Studio FAMU. The students will create the graphic lighting diagram (floor plan) prior to the shoot.

The integral part of the process will be the postproduction of the film with the student’s direct participation in color grading the film.

Obsah kurzu

10 minute narrative content shot on video.

Each student will act individually as a DOP and communicate closely with her/his director.

As the approaches in the realm of experimental may vary substantially from one project to another, the exact technical specs will be consulted and decided as per the individual project.

Overall guideline:

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

Checking the relevant manuals, blogs and courses on the web is highly recommended.


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100% active participation



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