Final Commission (klauzura) 5

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307EFC5 zkouška 3 anglicky letní

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Martin STECKER, Štěpánka ŠIMLOVÁ

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Hynek ALT, Markéta KINTEROVÁ, Rudolf PREKOP, Martin STECKER, Štěpánka ŠIMLOVÁ


Course Description:

The Final Commissions is the final examination of the year. In it, the student presents all practicals he or she has done during the year according to the year's curriculum (RUP) as well as work made in workshops which he or she has signed up for.

At the final examination the student also presents a written report on the course and current state of his or her final theoretical essay. The report must be signed by the student's supervisor.

The main part of the exam is the Final Commission's set assignment The Final Commission assignment is a series of at least 6 photographs on a theme set at the beginning of the academical year. This assignment can be consulted with any pedagogue.

Other part of the Final Comission is The Exhibition Photo Series and the Picture Publication, which can be presented as work in progress. The final form intended for the Master's examination, however, must be clear. Both works are defended by the student.

The Final Photo Series can be later presented in the Master's programme examination. When presented as a Final Commission it is therefore assessed only within the bounds of its meeting the year's requirements needed for completing the year. The Photo Series for Exhibition and Picture Publication are, if presented by the student, assessed and graded in the final Master's programme examination. Accepting the Series and the Publication it at the Final Commision examination does not in any way anticipate their evaluation nor does it imply they will be accepted at the Final Master's programme examination!

A condition of awarding a graded credit is presentation of the required practicals in electronic form, mainly the Photo Series for Exhibition and Picture Publication.

The student is obliged to display the Exhibition Photo Series in its definitive form in agreed places in the period preceding the Master's degree examination.

Time and place:

Regular autumn date: September - the precise date and hour will be posted on the notice-board of the Department of Photography.

Výsledky učení

The Final Commissions is the final examination of the year.

Předpoklady a další požadavky

students must have passed Final Commission 1-4



Hodnoticí metody a kritéria


Examination includes assessment of all assignments of the year taking into account the Exhibition Series, Publication and their defence.

The Final Commission cannot be repeated!

A condition for assessment is the handing-in of all photographs in digital form in TIF format with a resolution of 300 dpi and the long side of each photograph being 250 mm.



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