Contemporary Photography and Arts 1

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307EFU1 zkouška 4 2 hodiny výuky týdně (45 minut), 82 až 102 hodin domácí příprava anglicky zimní

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October 11

What is art and who makes it?

Professionals, Amateurs, Outsiders, Shitposters, Automatons…

Pamela Bannos: „Vivian Maier: A Photographer’s Life and Afterlife“, University of Chicago Press 2017.

October 18

Pictures as Tools and as Artworks

Hito Steyerl: In Defense of the Poor Image¨

October 25

Politics and Aesthetics of Obsolescence: Analog Photography in Digital Age

Margaret Iversen: “Analogue: On Zoe Leonard and Tacita Dean”. In: Photography, Trace, and Trauma, 2019, 33-47.

November 1


November 8

The Legacy of the Avantgarde: From 'Aestheticizing Politics' to 'Politicizing Art'

Claire Bishop, “The Social Turn. Collaboration and Its Discontents,” Artforum, 2006.

November 15

Art as Product / Product as Art

Louise Benson, “Welcome to the LOL House: The Cynical Legacy of DIS“, Elephant:

November 22


November 29

Transparency Persistent, Lost or Regained

Erika Balsom, “The Reality-Based Community”, e-flux:

December 6

Authenticity and Artifice: Performative strategies in Contemporary Art Practice

Claire Bishop, „Outsourcing Authenticity? Delegated Performance in Contemporary Art“, in Double Agent, eds. Claire Bishop and Silvia Tramontana, London: ICA, 2008, pp 110-125,

December 13

Art and Anthropocene

Carolyn L. Kane, “Plastic Shine: From Prosaic Miracle to Retrograde Sublime”, e-flux,

December 20

Seminar and consultation of essay topics

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The course will introduce formative topics connecting the medium of photography with contemporary art in continuity with the Theory and History of Photography offered by the Department of Photography at FAMU.

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Alva Noë: Strange Tools: Art and Human Nature, Hill and Wang 2016.

Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

1) 20-minutes oral presentation:

Choose a particular artistic oeuvre or some phenomenon in contemporary art or visual culture. Present it through visual material, explain why it caught your attention and put forward an argument why it should interest other participants of the course. Prepare 3 questions for discussion.

  1. written paper

deadline: January 7, 2024

min. length: 9000 characters including spaces.

Analyse in detail a particular artwork/series of artworks/art exhibition. Use other sources to support your analysis (use them to build up your argument or argue with them in case they support a different position). Please submit your paper by email to

The final oral exam: discussion over your submitted paper.

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