Photography Techniques 3

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307EPTE3 ZK 3 26 hodiny výuky za celý semestr (45 minut), 56 až 71 hodin domácí příprava česky zimní

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The aim of this course is to sythetically bring together all knowledge about photographing a surface of an object; its structure, glass, metal and porcelain for a final work of that object for the catalog. The requirement is a printed catalog with and adequate binding and graphic design.

Forma studia

On the practical examples students are taught how to realize assignments taking pictures of different surfaces with respect to the appropriate sharpness and lighting conditions with possibilities of Scheimpflug principle. Students also learn how to take pictures of geometric objects in the space with focus on differences in lighting ratios of main and additional light source, light measuring of the scene and taking care of the ranges of objects.

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Absolvování předmětu:

307TFOT1 Techniky fotografie 1 a 307TFOT2 Techniky fotografie 2

Obsah kurzu

Theoretical part:

As an essential part of the theoretical preparation for the actual catalogue production, several lectures will take place and focus on printing technologies and their historical development. A very special attention will be paid to the method of printing from a flat surface, namely the offset printing, which is currently the most common and widely used printing process in general. We will cover topics such as pre-print preparations, image conversion from RGB to CMYK color space, appropriate use of various print screenings in consideration to the intended print size, advantages of AM (amplitude modulated) or FM (frequency modulated) screening as well as stochastic screening. A final part of this theoretical preparation is conceived as a visit to an established commercial print house. The possibilities of the catalogue`s binding will be organized as part of a module.

Practical part:

1/ Appropriate objects as catalogue`s main focus shall be selected by the student and presented to the teachers. First working images should be taken in order to find the most suitable technological approach to the chosen theme.

2/ Main work on the photographic part of this project.

3/ Consultation with the graphic design teacher will follow. A right format of the catalogue as well as the technology of printing and binding will be selected. Some specific images, such as details or far shots, might be missing and therefore should be photographed additionally. Note: It is obligatory to consult this part of the work in detail during the Graphic design classes with MgA. Jakub Štěpánek.

4/ Actual printing process: It is highly recommended that the catalogue`s printing will be preceded by a consultation with MgA. Jan Maštera who can check the final PDF file for any mistakes and he can supervise the printing process.

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura

ŠMOK, J., PECÁK, J., TAUSK P. Barevná fotografie, 1975

ŠMOK, J., Umělé světlo, 1978

Scheufler, Mikš, Růžek, Spevák, Stýblo, Jiráček, Opočenský. Technické základy fotografie 2002

Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Credit is awarded for:

80% participation

submission of the completed catalog with appropriate graphic design / consultations with the graphic design instructor / and appropriate binding. If it is smaller than A3 then at least 3 enlgarments or A3 formats must be printed.



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