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Jaroslav BRABEC

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Jaroslav BRABEC


According to the production conditions concerning the particular student project.

The seminar consultations in the second semester of the second year of Master’s study program at the Cinematography department focus on the preparation and completion of the Graduate Film Project, or Final Film.

The students present their initial literary plots, which are further developed during the seminar sessions with respect to the proposed visual concept of the film.

Work in the seminar involves the preparation of the graduate film project, storyboarding, location scouting and storytelling.

In the case a Final Film is made, digital shooting is the only method permitted.

The following workflow is subject to discussion and, in compliance with guidelines provided by the supervising teacher, observes the White Book for Final Film / Collaboration. Cinematography students are obliged to respect the parameters listed in the White Book.

The exercises focus on mastering the preparation and execution of a feature film from the position of a Director of Photography.

In the case of the Final Film, Cinematography students may collaborate with students from other FAMU departments; however, the responsibility for the entire project lies with the Cinematography student exclusively.

Format of Deliverable:

in case the teacher approves professional and artistic quality - DCP

Final Film / Collaboration supervision is not predetermined; the student may choose any teacher from the Cinematography Department staff list.

Výsledky učení

Demonstrate professional and creative qualifications within a particular film work corresponding to the final Master’s examination in Cinematography.

A Final Film is merely an emergency solution for Cinematography students. This is a Master’s level piece of cinematography work that addresses the issue of handling a feature film story in the form of a visual narrative for a film story.

Předpoklady a další požadavky

As a standard, students complete their Collaboration Films in cooperation with CDM, KR, KDT, KAT. A Final Film is considered, as a rare occurrence, on condition a Cinematography student cannot shoot a Short Fiction or Graduate Project due to objective reasons (different numbers of FI CDM students).



Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Attendance in the seminar: 100%



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