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304EFIL ZK 2 2T anglicky zimní

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Students acquire basic information regarding film lab processing.

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The objective of the subject is to instruct the students about the functioning of a film laboratory, its integration in the cinematographic film production process, the production processes in film laboratories, and with equipment used to process film material and make film copies and other film laboratory products.

The emphasis is on mastering the principles and theoretical context, whereas the description of specific equipment and organizational implications is only presented on a model basis, usually in relation to the practice in one of the domestic laboratories, given the great degree of diversity of the subject.

The subject is focused predominantly on standard cinematography and work with film on photochemical principles, but it also covers topics associated with other media where related to the activities of film laboratories.

Extensive attention is paid to the contact between film labs and directors of photography.

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Domic Case, Film in Post Production

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The final evaluation is based on the following ratio of parameters:

Presence in lectures 60%



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