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304ERE1 zápočet 2 20 hodiny výuky za celý semestr (45 minut), 35 až 45 hodin domácí příprava anglicky zimní

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Jaroslav BRABEC

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Jaroslav BRABEC


Rainbow Exercise / Pictures 3 digital photography, storyboard (winter semester)

Rainbow Exercise is a film exercise at CIN KK dedicated to the colour controllability and meaningful impact in film imagery. It must form a conceptual structural unit where colour impact and functions are brought in to play a distinctive role. Negative 35mm film material is used.

The student should demonstrate the ability to apply the principles of colour relationships to express the relevant situations within the story. Students should choose a form of theme where the emotional component would prevail over the descriptive one and where the student’s own attitude and aesthetic approach would show themselves.

A dramatic approach which distinctively expresses the conflicts within the situations in the story is preferred over a lyric or epic approach. A documentary-like story form could also be considered.

The choice of the theme and concept of elaboration of your Rainbow Exercise must be consulted with your teachers in the seminar from the start of the winter semester on.

Students will work independently on their themes and scripts, as well as their shooting process. If a CIN KK student invites other partners (script-writer, director, sound master, editor, producer) to participate in the completion of the exercise, the student remains the only person responsible for the quality and fulfilment of the learning target of the Rainbow Exercise. It is recommended for any potential contributing partners to attend consultations in the Rainbow seminar.

The length of the Rainbow Exercise is 4.5 minutes maximum. The students must adapt their storyline construction to the time parameter and the financial framework of the Exercise from the very beginning.

Longer runtimes will not be accepted for Exercise completion; such RE will not be permitted to be included in the work body for MA graduation.

Completion stages of Rainbow:

a) plot

b) literary script

c) technical script

Final forms of the technical script of RBW and Pictures 3 are a pre-requisite for earning a credit for the winter semester.

d) colour scheme concept

e) photographic studies of colour range of environment and costumes

f) technical requirements for lamps and camera equipment

Having completed all points of the preparation, a student may apply for a production sheet to be signed by the Supervising Teacher in the Rainbow CIN KK seminar

Technical arrangements for RBW must be addressed at the pre-production meeting with the Studio Famu management

Rainbow Exercise forms a part of the work body for MA graduation.

The deadline for RBW submission is limited solely by the student’s final film exercise screening date

Výsledky učení

General cultural awareness and sensitivity in relation to the world of colour around us. Absolute dedication to the profession of cameraman to relate to and interpret any film work in its entirety forms a part of Rainbow Cinematography.

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