Photography Techniques 2

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307EPHT2 ZK 2 26 hodiny CVIČENÍ za celý semestr (45 minut), 31 až 41 hodin domácí příprava anglicky

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Jan Douša, Martin STECKER

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Students gain theoretical and practical experience in the use of analogue and digital photography, especially in the studio. They work with shooting reflective materials, get acquainted with historical and non-standard photographic techniques through practical exercises. They practice working with colour inversion and the E6 development process.

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Obsah kurzu

The course builds on Techniques of Photography 1, developing acquired knowledge, skills and habits. The course continues in its practical part by taking photographs in the studio, especially of light-reflecting objects such as metal, glass, porcelain. In this part, students also encounter practical comparisons between a conventional film camera and a digital camera and compare the advantages and disadvantages. The course also includes an introduction to so-called non-standard photography techniques and working with colour inversion.

Main topics

1 - 2/

Introduction to the working procedures of digital cameras, e.g. Canon, Mamiya 645DF DM22, Pentax 645Z, Hasselblad X1D-50C, and the possibilities of their use, especially in comparing the results of analogue and digital photography.


Practical part:

The following exercises will always be pre-defined, whether they will be submitted in the form of an analogue photo format of a negative min. 6x9 cm enlarged on a baryta mat, or a digital photo printed on an Epson school printer, material and surface as agreed.

Technical basics of photography of metal objects.

1 black and white photo 30x40 cm


Technical basics of glass photography, lighting options and material to be handed in:

1 photograph of glass 30x40 cm on a light background with a black continuous line or combined with a suitable gloss, material is black and white film.

1 colour photograph of glass on a dark background with a light outline continuous line, taken on a digital camera, A3 print. It is assumed that all the possibilities offered by digital technology will be used here, including post-production editing in Photoshop. The result should be a photograph that captures the chosen glass in its optimum form. Possible processing as point 4.

7 - 8/

Interpretation: the student will choose one photograph or painting to imitate, particularly in terms of overall appearance, light character, tonality and colour. The props of the image may be substituted to match the nature of the subject depicted, but need not replicate it. Submitted: 1 photograph taken on a digital camera, print as required


technology of working with colour inversion, including demonstration of developing with the E6 process in Studio Beroun

10 - 11/

preparation for the technology of the wet collodion process - ferrotype and amnrotype, which will be realized in the framework of a plenary exercise or module


Preparation for the technology of cyanotype /blueprint/ as one of the possible technologies for the realization of the plein air.

Doporučená nebo povinná literatura


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Photographing the Unseen World

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Hodnoticí metody a kritéria

Students may be evaluated based on 80% attendance and participation in group photography events. Each exercise will be assessed against pre-determined criteria in a joint meeting over the results.



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Ateliér A KF

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Douša J.

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St 15:40–17:15 Martin STECKER
Jan Douša
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